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AMPICOL : Mengobati Colibacillosis, Kolera, Infeksi Sekunder Bakteri pada Kasus Gumboro

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AMPICOL: Treating Colibacillosis, Cholera, Secondary Bacterial Infection in the case of Gumboro

COMPOSITION: Each kg contains:
- Ampicillin ... 100 grams
- Colistin Sulfate ... 250 million IU

- Colibacillosis ( difficult breathing, liver and heart diseliputi fibrin)
- Cholera ( green stools, tissue death / necrosa the liver)
- Secondary bacterial infection in cases of Gumboro

1 gram per 2 liters of drinking water administered for 5 days.

Tackling Litter trategi Wet

Some of the things we need to consider that litter remains dry and optimal functioning, among others:

Use a litter with an optimal thickness, that is 8-12 cm so that the litter drier and can maintain the temperature during the brooding
Perform litter pembolakbalikan management to prevent wet litter. At times brooding, pembolak litter-reversal performed regularly every 3-4 days once a day from age 4 to age 14 days. Immediately replace the wet litter. Substitution was not too often because it can reduce the productivity of chickens. If there is a clumping litter, then replace the clumping litter in accordance with the conditions. For example, if the amount of the lumpy bit, then it can be sorted and removed from the cage. However, if the amount of clumping litter or wet is much, much better stack with a new litter until the clot is not visible
Check the condition and installation of drinking water. Drinking water spills can be overcome with good management of drinking water. First, more careful when changing water. Make sure also the place of drinking water both manual and automatic ( TMAO and nipple ND-360) does not leak. Especially for systems nipple, note the height and water pressure in the pipeline. Nipple placement is too low, the chicken makes it difficult to drink lots of water, causing water droplets below the nipple. Water pressure does not fit the standard nipple also may cause dribbling of water
If the litter wet wet faeces caused by infections such as E. coli and Eimeria sp. ( The cause of coccidiosis) , the first solution is to do the treatment with Antikoksi, Coxy or Koksidex for coccidiosis and Proxan case-C, Amoxitin, Neo Meditril or Ampicol for colibacillosis cases. Then do the disinfection of drinking water with Antisep, or Neo Antisep Desinsep specifically for cases of colibacillosis infections
Consider the quality of rations. Do not give a ration with salt and protein content is too high ( adjust as needed) . To ensure the quality of the ration remains appropriate, you should test the quality of rations. Test the quality of the ration can be done in Medilab
Set the ventilation system through a system of open and close the curtains to ensure the levels of ammonia in the cage is not too high. For the adult chicken, use a fan to assist air movement in the cage and this can reduce the moisture content of litter and the accumulation of ammonia
During the rainy season, and damage to correct the error structure of the cage. Leaky roof must be repaired immediately. Also, note whether the roof is able to prevent rain water tampias. Also check the condition of the curtain, if there are missing or not or opened from the bottom so that the chickens exposed to rain water tampias. It also includes sewers should be smooth so that the water does not inundate the cage. Keep litter in an area free from rain water tampias

The process of adding litter in the cage
Sources: Doc. Medion

Litter conditions should still have to be kept in dry conditions. Because conditions greatly affect the performance of chicken litter, then do your farm management strategies in order not to wet litter. Successful.

Medion Info August 2011 Edition

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